Battiti Live, is a huge summer show by Radionorba which takes place in 5 different cities across Puglia and Basilicata with an incredible cast.

This year for the first time, Battiti Live will be broadcasted on Mediaset Italia 1 (one of the major italian private TV Channel),. “We’re really proud of this achievement”, states Marco Montrone, president of Radionorba, “Being broadcasted by Italia1 is  an important award that proves the high quality standard of our format and a huge opportunity to raise the brand Radionorba to a national level, among the excellences of italian radio broadcasters”

Anyway, this isn’t the only precious news of the current edition of the show: thanks to the suite Radio 4.0 that Radionorba has adopted since a few months, it will be possible to follow Battiti Live on Radionorba mobile APP in a brand new interactive way.

Radionorba fans will be able to follow Battiti Live show wherever they will be without missing a single minute: radio and TV live streaming, pause and restart, receive alerts and record the whole show.

The innovative technology provided by Radiosa, guarantees a top quality listening experience, highly immersive with the chance to be active part of the show.

Thanks to the interactive features of Radio 4.0 suite the radio will able to easily open live forums on mobile APP and facebook and to engage users with pills from the backstage and interactive polls and games.

Contests, live messages, and streaming on demand: with Radio 4.0 Radionorba enters the new the digital era!