Radionorba, the largest radio station in southern Italy, has never been so close to its listeners thanks to new mobile app powered by Radiosa.

From now on, Radionorba will be really about its own audience which will be finally able to live interact with speakers, guests and other listeners, share messages and take part to polls and games, quickly and simply.

With the new app the world of Radionorba is in your hands.

Radionorba chooses digital innovation with Radio 4.0 suite: with the new mobile app, listeners can finally enjoy a new kind of advanced and personalised way of listening carrying their radio always with them on mobile devices with the new app.

Though the program schedule they will be able to follow the radio via live streaming, pausing and replaying the recorded listening from the point in which they stop (voluntarily or automatically in case they receive a phone call) and recording episodes.

With the new app they can also save a library of their favourites programs and activate the “alert” function as well ass access to all multimedia contents such as news and videos.