Babboleo is one of the first italian independent radio station, born in 1976 in Genoa, and now the main radio group in LIguria region with 111.000 listeners for Radio Babboleo, 35.000 for Babboleo Suono and 11.000 for Babboleo news ( Ter Data 2017).


The group offer is splitted in three stations, each animated by a specific identity and style but all united by a unique purpose: provide information and entertainment in Liguria. This system allows Babboleo Group to reach 3 different target of audiences.

  • Babboleo Radio: ligurian entertainment and 90’s music with speaker and guests.
  • Babboleo News: First “all news” radio among Italian local radio stations: with live news, traffic information and news.
  • Babboleo Suono: music with hits from 70’s e ’80’s.

After the positive results achieved on FM, in 2018 Babboleo started reviewing its own digital presence adopting new generation means of broadcasting providing a younger and more captivating image of radio: this is the starting point of RADIO 4.0 revolution!

The publisher decided to start a digital growth of the radio allowing both a strong regional identity and provide its public with a wider range of contents and enrich the listeners experience.

Radio 4.0 Suite : benefits for Babboleo

Radio 4.0 suite meets radio digital needs providing a wide range of instruments helping radios to grow digital without the burden of investments.

Radio 4.0 suite allowed Babboleo to:

  • Offer its audience an enriched listening and engaging radio experience: compared to the previous app, the listeners will find new functionalities such as interaction, on demand program schedule and advanced streaming.
  • Promote the three radio stations under a unique brand Babboleo and in a single APP: Radiosa has provided an app that allows to Babboleo to get in touch with his listeners as a group and allowing them to choose easily between the three radio stations, according to the publisher’s editorial  line.
  • Offer an high quality streaming out of Liguria region: reach the audience also means being able to follow them. Now each listener has the chance to keep on listening his favourite radio when he is out for work or during holidays.. According to Analytics more then one third of new app listeners are located out of the region, mostly in Milano and Torino.
  • Engage listeners with interactivity: weather forecasts, news, entertainment programs are now animated with games and polls, discussion forums and contests that allows the public to be an active part of the radio.


The words of Babboleo

“Babboleo’s public is enthusiastic about the new app and Radio 4.0 approach.
Radio 4.0 suite by Radiosa has allowed us to evolve and grow our digital presence offering to our listeners an enriched and captivating experience.”  – says Vincenzo Manzullo, Babboleo station manager
“Radio remains the same but now we can reach a wider audience wherever it is located. We had no extra work to set the platform and our speakers are totally independent in creating the wider amount of contents that we are finally able to offer and they already got nice feedback on. We’ve also just started selling digital advertising and we are quite sure that this positive growth of the audience will be an interesting opportunity of our advertisers. “