On july 3rd, Radiosa took part to “Economia d’Italia. Ripartire dalle Imprese”, the road show by Corriere della Sera (RCS Media Group) that touched main italian cities.

At the roundtable discussion, that took place at Convention Center of Unione Industriale Torino,  were involved some of the most relevant Piedmontese political figures and entrepreneurs: Mauro Panarelli, Radiosa CEO & Founder, took is place as the inventor of an emerging and successful start-up to bring is own experience.

The protagonist of the round table were:

  • Sergio Chiamparino,president of Piedmont Region
  • Stefano Barrese, Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Dario Gallina, president of “Unione Industriale di Torino”
  • Gianmaria Ajani, Rector of the University of Turin
  • Guido Saracco, Rector of the Polytechnic of Turin
  • Massimo Addesa, Tim business manager
  • Gianfranco Carbonato, president and CEO of Prima Industrie spa
  • Licia Mattioli, general manager of Mattioli Gioielli
  • Mauro Panarelli, CEO & founder of Radiosa
  • Paolo Peveraro, chairman of  Iren spa
  • Paolo Pininfarina, chairman of Pininfarina

The main topic discussed were about Piedmontese economy,  territory and the key role of research ensured by universities with an absolute and sole imperative: being a team.

An abstract of Mauro Panarelli speech:

“When during the 60’, my father founded his own company of mould and mechanical equipments, looked for people and facilities to be competitive. Equally, when some years ago I set up Radiosa and Radio 4.0 project i had to start from a deep market analysis to create an innovative and brand new platform for the world of Radio, in Italy as well as abroad. This is why we provide a suite able to enrich and revolutionize the UX and the way in which radios relate to their listeners. The Polytechnic of Turin has played a key role providing the most advanced technological skills and support as part of our team.: this is essential for a startup that wants to grow fast on the international market.