On December 4th, Radiosa has been invited to “Open Doors to Innovation“, a day organized by the The Centre for Research, Technology Innovation and Experimentation of Rai (CRITS): a workshop with startups and innovative companies with the aim of increasing the knowledge of areas of corporate interest and creating a network to contribute to innovation in the media sector.

The initiative is part of the European MediaRoad project, which includes Rai and other European partners such as EBU, VRT and the BBC (more information on www.mediaroad.eu). The startups have been involved thanks to the Italian Startup Association and the incubator of the Polytechnic University of Turin I3P.

During the first part of the workshop, the Research Centre presented some current research topics, ranging from applied artificial intelligence to media, radio personalization, smart speakers, inclusion services and deep learning applied to video encoding. Then Rai DigitalICTTecheRadio Rai and Rai Pubblicità presented the areas where innovation is of key importance in the company.

In the second part of the workshop, startups and companies involved by Rai presented projects and development themes, solutions and prototypes related to the interests of Rai and the media industry in general.

In this context, Radiosa has introduced Radio 4.0® picking up strong forehead interest of a project able to support the natural digital evolution of the broadcast world, with new formalities of listening on demand, unpublished communicative models through new forms of interaction and engagement of the listeners, without forgetting the advanced tools of monetisations of contents with new advertising formats.